Best affordable electric cars of 2020

Affordability is a relative term in the land of battery electric vehicles. The most affordable on the market in 2020 still nudges $50,000.

But assuming you’ve decided to eschew petrol altogether here are the best all-electric options on the market in 2020.

6. Hyundai Kona Electric

Some may stick the Kona Electric closer to the top of their list purely because of its impressive driving range well north of 400km. But it comes at a cost, both in dollar terms and in the form of tyres that could do with more grip. At least punchy performance is a plus.

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5. Nissan Leaf

The Leaf is basic hatchback motoring in a respectable package. There’s not much in the way of driving verve but it gets the EV basics right, albeit with a more city-friendly driving range of around 250km. The promise of bi-directional charging – to allow the car’s batteries to power your house – is a bonus for tech heads.

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4. Hyundai Ioniq Electric

The Ioniq is part of the most diverse family in electrified motoring. While it’s the Electric we’re looking at here, those wanting to save money or drive further can look at the Ioniq Hybrid and Ioniq PHEV. In Electric guise the Ioniq delivers on 250km-ish range in a car that’s more soft and cuddly than hard and exciting.

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3. BMW i3s

BMW’s first all-electric car is oozing tech. Its body is a lightweight mix of aluminium and carbon fibre and opens via rear-hinged back doors to a compact but thoughtfully designed cabin. A ludicrously tight turning circle and compact dimensions make for entertaining dynamics in a compact but classy package.

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2. Tesla Model 3

Prices have crept up in 2020 in response to unfavourable exchange rates, but the Model 3 remains the most convincing electric vehicle at the more affordable end of the scale. Excellent driving manners and innovative technology make the cheapest Tesla an appealing EV proposition.

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It’s not the best electric car on the market but it’s the most affordable and mounts a strong case for dropping petrol altogether. Based on the ZS small SUV, the ZS EV replaces anything to do with petrol with plenty to do with electricity.

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