About us

EV Central is the centre of the electric-vehicle universe, a place where you can find out what’s watt in the whole wired world of EVs. We’ll bring you news, reviews and our views on this fast-moving segment of the car market, one which should increasingly become the mainstream. We welcome your input and your opinions as well, so please click the Contact Us link to get in touch.

Meet the EV Central team

Toby Hagon

If it’s on four wheels, Toby has probably driven it. From the latest supercars to rock-hopping off-roaders (or anything in between!) he loves a road trip and works on the thinking that no road is too long or windy. While most of those trips have been with diesel and unleaded, he’s an EV convert who loves the innovation and pace of change within the automotive space – and sees the enormous potential for cars powered by electrons. The former National Motoring Editor at Fairfax these days contributes to newspapers, magazines and wesbites around Australia and the world.

John Carey

Grew up in country NSW, way back when petrol was laced with lead. Has written about cars and the car business for more than 35 years, working full-time and freelance for leading mags, major newspapers and websites in Australia and (sometimes) overseas. Avidly interested in core EV technologies like motors and batteries, and believes the switch to electromobility definitely should be encouraged. Is waiting patiently for someone to make a good and affordable EV that will fit inside his tiny underground garage in northern Italy, where he’s lived for the past decade. Likes the BMW i3, but it’s just too damned wide…

Iain Curry

A motoring writer and photographer for two decades, Iain started in print magazines in London as editor of Performance BMW and features writer for BMW Car, GT Porsche and 4Drive magazines. His love of motor sport and high performance petrol cars was rudely interrupted in 2011 when he was one of the first journalists to drive BMW’s 1 Series ActiveE EV, and has been testing hybrids, PHEVs and EVs for Australian newspapers ever since. Based near Noosa in Queensland, his weekly newspaper articles cover new vehicle reviews and consumer advice, while his photography is regularly seen on the pages of glossy magazines.

Stephen Corby

Stephen is a former editor of both Wheels and Top Gear Australia magazines and has been writing about cars since Henry Ford was a boy. Initially an EV sceptic, he has performed a 180-degree handbrake turn and is now a keen advocate for electrification and may even buy a Porsche Taycan one day, if he wins the lottery. Twice.

Andrew Chesterton

Andrew began his career as a journalist at Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph, before he was lured into the fast-paced world of supercars at TopGear Australia. He has also held senior roles at The Daily Mail, which involved spending time at HQ in London, and on the other side of the automotive divide with FCA Australia. As one of Australia’s best-read freelance writers, Andrew now contributes to Robb Report, Wish in The Australian, Domain in The Australian Financial Review, CarsGuide, Wheels, The West Australian, GQ, Men’s Health and more. His love for writing has carried him around the world and back again, writing for clients in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA. He secretly enjoys it so much he’d probably do it for free, but he hopes his editors never find out that bit…

Bruce Newton

Bruce started his career as a daily newspaper journalist but quickly gravitated to the motoring sphere. He has written about motorcycles, motorsport and motor vehicles for nearly 40 years. In that time he has edited Auto Action, Which Car, the GoAuto website and contributed to many fine publications here and internationally. Bruce has been a freelance writer for 15 years, which allows him to indulge in a passion for mountain bikes when some editors think he’s actually slaving away at the laptop (ssh!). Bruce is a father of three adult daughters and lives on the Western Port coast in Victoria with wife Jane and loyal Dachshund Eddie.