Electric car advice and FAQ

Confused about the new world of electric cars? The EV Central team is here to help and has compiled this comprehensive list of frequently asked questions covering everything you need to know about electric cars.

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Buying and owning an EV

Ultimate guide to buying an EV in Australia: Everything you need to know

Should I buy an electric car?

Are EVs more expensive than regular cars?

Why are electric cars so expensive?

Is an electric car safe in a crash?

EV glossary: From A to Z

How far will my EV drive on a charge?

Why is the range of an EV less on the freeway than the city?

What happens when an EV runs out of electricity?

Will my battery go flat if I leave my EV parked for too long?

Do electric car batteries wear out?

Is an EV better for the environment?

Which brands make EVs?

Do EVs hold their value well?

What’s the performance of EVs like?

Buying a used EV: What to look for

Do electric cars have 12V batteries?

Do electric cars have gearboxes or transmissions?

How much does it cost to convert my existing car to an EV?

Can you tow with an electric car?

EV safety: Are electric cars more of a fire hazard than petrol/diesel vehicles?

EV charging

Tesla Supercharger station
Tesla Supercharger station

Can I charge my EV at home?

Where can I charge an EV?

How long does it take to charge an EV?

How long will my EV take to charge?

Will EV chargers come to service stations?

Can I charge my EV wirelessly?

What’s the difference between AC and DC charging?

Can we retrofit our apartment block for EV charging?

EV running costs and maintenance

Volvo has announced a joint venture to develop and manufacture sustainable batteries with Swedish company Northvolt. The batteries will be used in future Volvo and Polestar models
Maintaining an EV should be more affordable than a petrol or diesel car

Do EVs need to be serviced?

How much do EVs cost to run?

Do electric cars need EV specific tyres?

Do car makers make their own electric motors?

Are all electric motors the same?

Do the electric motors in EVs wear out?

EV tech

Cutaway diagram of an Audi e-Tron GT showing the cooling system for the lithium-ion battery pack
There’s a lot more to EVs than electric motors

What is a solid-state battery?

Why do EV battery packs need a cooling system?

Why don’t EVs have four in-wheel motors?

Types of electric vehicles

Nissan e-Power graphic showing the components of the series hybrid technology
Delve deeper into the different types of electrified vehicles

EV or BEV: battery electric vehicle

Hybrid vehicle

PHEV: Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

Hydrogen fuel cell or hydrogen electric vehicle (HEV)

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